If You See This On The Wrist Of Your Hand, Stop What You Are Doing Immediately And Call The Doctor. The Reason Is Scary!

Inflammation, a broken bone, infections, abnormal growths and cysts arthritis bursitis, tendinitis as well as sprains, strains and bone fractures be a benign or malignant growth as well as tumors may be some of the reasons for wrist injuries.  They are caused due to:

  1. Tenosynovitis

This is causes when the fluid-filled sheath (synovium) that surrounds a tendon gets inflamed. This happens when we’re over stressed or experience trauma or we’re labour workers. When this happens the abductor muscle and the short extensor in the thumb get affected.

  1. De Quervain syndrome

When the extensor ligament of the thumb gets affected we get soreness and swelling. This causes the ligament to thicken and causes extreme pain.

  1. Nodular tenosynovitis

When you have tumors in the fingers, wrist, hip, ankles, knees, spine and shoulders you suffer from nodular tenosynovitis fortunately it doesn’t hurt.

  1. Ganglions

Lumps in the synovial cyst or some other connective tissue or fibrous structure next to the joint, ligament or tendon which is caused by trauma is called Ganglions.

  1. Lipomas

Tumors in the wrist and in the palm which are painful and make your hand sensitive are called lipomas.

The conditions are treated differently-if they are minor you can take meds to cure them but if they are more serious you may have to undergo a surgery.

Source: fhfn.org

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