5 Reasons Why You Should Be Having Sex Every Day

The benefits of sex are not just limited about the thrill of engaging in this intimate activity. Most of us never realize the health benefits associated with it. But most of us don’t know that sex can give us the boost for so many things at not only the physical level, but also at mental and emotional levels.

Emotional Benefits

Sex helps you get the ultimate in emotional boost. This is because you are fully surrendering your emotions to your partner. You are expressing all your raw feelings and also telling them how you feel about them. It is a big experience even if you don’t utter the word “I love you” to each other. When you are able to connect with another person at such a deep and intense level, it helps in giving a big boost to your emotions. You are encouraged to explore further on this kind of pleasure while also seeking happiness from within.

Physical Boost

The more sex you have, the better it will be for your physical health. This is because sex helps strengthen the cardiovascular system, legs, back, hips and other muscles. At the same time it will also help in losing weight.

Boosting your Mental Stability

Have you ever noticed it? You are feeling stressed, but sex helps in getting back to feeling well with positive thoughts in your mind. Whenever you are stressed or in a strange state of mind, you can restore the positive thoughts by having sex. If you think that it will be difficult to perform under all the stress, you should know that just cuddling is going to start release a hormone in your body that gets rid of stress. The hormone is called Oxytocin and it includes dopamine.

Remain Youthful Longer

Do you know that when you have more sex, you are doing something to challenge your eternal clock? If you are a woman, sex helps in the release of a chemical that further causes production of certain human growth hormone that helps with your youthful looks and feeling.

Once you realize all the benefits of sex, you will certainly want to lead a sexually more active life.

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