Smelling This Herb For 5 Minutes Every Day Can Increase Memory By 75%

“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance: pray, love, remember “ – the reference to Rosemary started even many years ago with this Hamlet sentence.
It is one extraordinary herb which its use predates by centuries in medicine.
The carnosic acid among other natural acids that Rosemary is caring inside stops the radical damage to the brain and protects body’s cells and DNA. It radically protects the acetylcholine known for motivating the brain cells to memorize well and communicate with one another.
If one is exposed to rosemary essential oil it encases the possibility by remembering  60-75% to do things in future compared to other people.
Back in days scientist made a study which according to it the compound 1,8 cineole is responsible for improving memory functions. The more 1,8 cineole you have in your blood stream the more positive results are on the way.
The students in ancient Greece put rosemary springs around their head while they studied for exams, even that’s how is linked to memory.
The herb is very popular in today’s medicine, is often used as painkiller often for migraines and digestive problems.

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