Remove This From Your Mouth And Solve Problem With Bad Breath Forever

Do you still have problem with your breath even though you use a lot of mouth washes and fresheners? Some people cannot resolve this problem.

What causes it?

In most cases the reason are stones in the tonsils.

These are the small dots which you can see on your tonsils and they are the reason for your bad breath. They release a gas which has an awful smell, just like sulphur.

Tonsil stones represent a lump of bacteria, mucus and stored food which collects in the back part of the throat.

When the cluster becomes hard you will have problems with your breath and difficulties in food swallowing.

Sometimes these stones just “fall off”. However, they often need to be removed by surgical procedure or you can try to remove them by yourself.

If you are not scared, just watch the video below and see how to get rid of them in your home.


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