Strong Natural Antibiotic Heals Your Bladder and Kidney Infections Very Fast!

Urinary tract infections can become a past for you if you use this strong natural antibiotic.

The first results will be shown very fast and you will feel how strong its power is at elimination these unpleasant and very painful conditions.

These infections are very common and almost every fifth or sixth woman has bladder or even more – kidney inflammation.

These infections are caused by E.Coli, one of the most resistant bacteria on many types of pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Sometimes disease will disappear by itself without any treatment, but it is important to mention if you are feeling some of the symptoms of cystitis it is recommended to visit a doctor.

These symptoms you can recognize if you have to go into the bathroom every 10 minutes and if you feel burning pain when you urinating.

Someone can notice even a blood in the urine, hard back pain and fiver.


Strong Natural Antibiotic – Homemade Recipe:

This homemade natural remedy can really help in reducing or even eliminating these unpleasant health problems with your urinary tract.

And its preparation is not so complicated.

Here it is the recipe:


  • 1 bigger or 2 medium bunches of parsley
  • 250 g/ 9 oz –lemon peels / (organic lemons)
  • 250 g/ 9 oz – raw organic honey
  • 2 dl – olive oil



Wash the parsley and the lemons. If you are not sure that the lemons are free of pesticides you can leave them into one dish with water.

Add one tablespoon of baking soda and wait for one hour. This procedure will clean them of eventual presents of pesticides and toxins.

Peel the lemons and put them on your kitchen scales.  Make sure that you have enough.

Chop the parsley in tiny pieces. Add all ingredients (lemon peels, parsley, honey and olive oil) into the kitchen blender and mix them well.

Spill the healing mixture in one jar and place it in the refrigerator.

Consume 1 tbsp of this strong natural antibiotic every morning.


Get rid of these painful infections on natural way and share your experience.



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