Surprising Ways To Use Nivea Cream That Can Change Your Skin In Just 1 Day

NIVEA Creme can have a soothing and calming effect . Its calming effect supports the skin’s own regenerative qualities. Its unique formula reduces redness and protects from skin irritation. It is More suitable for normal to dry skin.

In this article I will share some uniques ways to use this cream for your skin

Night cream

You can easily replace expensive night cream by Nivea cream. It will keep your skin moisturized and make your skin extra soft and supple

Lip balm

Very few know about this but you can use this cream as lip balm also. Just apply little bit of this on your lips and leave it overnight

Nail care solution

After manicure apply this cream on your nails

Makeup removal

Take little bit of this on clean cotton ball and with help of this remove all your make up

Post wax cream

After waxing moisturising is very important. After wax apply thin layer of this cream and massage for 2 minutes

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