Sweet Potatoes Is Super Food – Protein In Sweet Potato Can Destroy Several Types OF Cancer Cells

Sweet potatoes are delicious, nutritious and easily available that even NASA chooses them for their space missions. Some people consider them super food, which isn’t strange knowing that they contain the most nutrients per dollar value.


Besides being delicious, sweet potatoes are praised for their anti-cancer properties. Almost a century ago, it was found that the vegetable contains a unique protein, which was later discovered to possess anti-cancer properties. In the beginning, the protein was tested against leukemia, and the results showed that it can hinder the growth of leukemia cells in petri dishes.

When proteins enter the stomach, they are immediately digested, so in order to avoid this problem, scientists tested the sweet potatoes’ protein against tongue cancer cells. Tongue cancer patients are usually treated with chemotherapy which has harmful side-effects. This made the protein test all the more important as it might present a potential natural cancer cure. The protein performed admirably – it reduced the viability of cancer cells in vitro in just days, which suggested that sweet potatoes are a potential curefor tongue cancer indeed.

The protein was later tested on 9 women suffering from advanced cervical cancer, and in 2 of the cases it survived the digestion and managed to enter the bloodstream. The protein was even tested against the deadliest type of cancer, colorectal cancer and showed incredible results! It stopped the development of the disease and reduced the cancer cell invasion and migration, which further confirms sweet potatoes’ amazing potential as a cancer cure.

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