They Never Get Sick, They Have Never Heard About Cancer, They Live 120 Years in Health. THIS IS THEIR SECRET!

Their ways and standards of life is completely different from the rest, thus their lifestyle should represent an example for us. Hunza are people who bathe in cold water and give birth to babies at the age of 65. They only eat raw food, and during the winter eat the same food in dried condition, especially apricots, sheep cheese, and germinated seed.

The period when they fast is called “the starving spring” and at that time they don’t eat anything, but only drink water. From 2 to 4 months drink only water and eat apricot seeds.

Said Adbul Mobuda, one of the Hunza people, completely confused the workers of the IRS when he showed his passport where it said he is 160 years old. They didn’t believe him until they checked that he was really born 160 years ago and that all people from his village have the same longevity.
We can learn something from them, can’t we?


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