Tobacco vs Sugar: Which is More Dangerous? Answer Will Surprise You

When it comes to the addictive qualities, tobacco and sugar are very much alike. Sugar affects the body in so many negative ways including health issues and obesity. Because of that, many companies like Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper and Snapple are protesting against the comparison. This information is based on the findings of the report entitled Sugar Consumption at a Crossroads.

These companies will either have to self-regulate which means they should have drinks that come with natural sweeteners with zero or very low content of calorie, or tank which means to completely remove the sugar content (this is more difficult).

Anyway, these negative effects will not affect all consumers. Since the 70s when studies showed the connection between lung cancer and smoking, cigarettes have not been among the top sellers. Still, despite the proof that there is nothing good out of smoking, there are many people who smoke habitually.

Despite the link between diabetes and sugar, it is not the same as tobacco. There was medical research with that proves that it is the cause of lung cancer on those who consume it. On the other hand sugar contribute it the occurrence of diabetes. Anyway, there is no such way to provide that it is the main cause, because it is impossible to measure the amount of sugar consumed by people.
It is predicted that sugar consumption will remain the same, because there is a huge number of companies that will do whatever it needs to sell their sugar-laden products, even though some people will still try to limit their intake of sugar.

Source: Steth News

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