Early Warning Signs Your Body Has Too Much Estrogen (Millions Of Women Unknowingly Have This!

Estrogen is the predominant sex hormone found in women that control the growth of breast, the menstrual cycle, pubic and underarm hair. In addition to this, estrogen also regulates cholesterol levels, protects bone health and even affects the brain.Estrogen is a necessary part of a healthy, functioning body for women.

It also prepares the female body for the ovulation process. Whereas some estrogen group hormones are also responsible for increasing the risk of cancer such as breast cancer in the female.

While it isn’t frequently discussed as a major health concern among women, too much estrogen is actually very common in women, especially around North America, with estrogen dominance affecting 50% of women over 35 in the US.

Symptoms of too much estrogen in the body are obvious but are frequently written off as symptom of PMS. If ignored for too long those symptoms can lead to infertility, repeated miscarriages, uterine fibroids and some cancers.

Warning Signs:

Hair loss
Thyroid dysfunction
Sluggish metabolism
Trouble sleeping

Decreased sex drive
Irregular menstrual cycles
Mood Swings
Cold hands and feet

You diet can play an important role in the estrogen detoxification process. Here are some tips you can follow related to a diet which helps to improve the hormonal balance, help in weight loss and provides clearer skin:


Rosemary is able to enhance the formation of good estrogens and that is the reason why you should add it in meat as seasoning. Rosemary is great antioxidant that will improve the memory and the thyroid function, but also is great for weight loss process, improves the metabolism and the level of energy.

Activated folic
Acid can convert estrogen into a very healthy one and that can decrease the changes of cancer development. And dark leafy greens contain the recommended daily dosage of omega -3 fatty acids.


Isoflavones, like those found in soy, are antioxidants that has positive impact in increasing good estrogens in the body. Due to the fact that soy often is heavily processed, it is advisable to use herbs such as Trifolium pratense, Pueraria montana and Pueraria lobata in teas, capsules or tinctures. On this way you will get the adequate dose of isoflavones.

Salmon and other fatty fish

Omega-3 fatty acid has numerous health benefits, and they help to increase the level and formation of good estrogens in the body. Experts advise you to consume at least 2-3 servings of fish per week or supplement with quality fish oil.

Eating foods rich in fiber and probiotics can help support the removal of estrogen from the body. Include foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha. You should also check out how eating one carrot per day can help!

Source:  http://www.naturalmedicinebox.net/

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