See What WIFI, Cell Phones, iPads Are Doing To Your Child’s Brain – 100+ Scientists are Petitioning the UN

Modern technology may ease our life, but it can have terrible repercussions. In particular, electromagnetic waves emitted by modern gadgets may affect our DNA, thus contributing to rising brain cancer rates.

Of course, as children’s skills are thinner, they are more vulnerable to radiation absorption. Cell phone – and other gadget – use can increase our risk of brain cancer, and this is especially true for our children.
A group of 31 scientists from 14 different countries recently released a statement regarding the dangers of cell phone use.
In the video below, Dr. Devra Davis discusses the dangers of cellphones.

There are steps you can take:
1. Don’t let your child use a cell phone or any other similar gadget.
As children are most vulnerable, protect your children. They don’t need a cell phone!
2. Limit your own cell phone use.
When at home or at work, use a land line instead and try to use your cell phone for emergencies only.
3. Don’t use your cell phone when you have low reception.
When there is low reception, your phone uses more power, thus emitting more radiation, so limit your use to when you have full bars and good reception.
4. Store your phone safely.
Instead of placing your phone against your body, put it in your bag and consider using a headset for making calls.
Other tips to consider:
  • Try not to place electronics in your lap.
  • Try to limit use of other dirty electricity devicese such as electric blankets and heating pads.
  • Keep electrical devices at least seven inches away from your body when you sleep.
  • Consider flat-screen TV and computer monitors, as they emit less EMFs.
  • Walk barefoot. Our body absorbs negative ions from the ground, which reduces stress hormones.
  • Use Himalayan salt lamps or beeswax candles, as they absorb EMFs in the air and serve as natural ionizers.


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