Wrap Ginger And Have Mucus And Cough Removed After A Night

It is really hard to cough and sneeze all the time and do all your daily activities.

Wrap Ginger And Have Mucus And Cough Removed After A Night

In case of a cough, you are prevented to do many things. And people around you get annoyed, to be honest.

Also, sleep is disturbed too from coughing. Kids suffer the most since they have weak immunity and still grow so flu or cold is more serious for them.

Doctors usually give syrups for this and meds, but they can have side effects.

Migraine, insomnia and headache are the worst side effects. This is because those meds have dextromethorphan and codeine.

Try honey and other natural items too,  like the ginger wrap!

You need:

  • Flour
  • Honey
  • Olive oil
  • 1 tbsp ginger powder

Also get napkins, tape and gauze.


Mix the honey and flour and add the olive in the end. Then add ginger and mix. Put it on napkins and wrap it on the chest, put gauze and the tape to secure. For kids, this can be done 3 hours prior sleeping.

For adults, keep this overnight and be prepared to sweat a lot.

There are no side effects, and the making is delicate for the kids and their soft skin.

Rachel Lim story

Lim  made this wrap for her kid that coughed all the time. She used tinfoil instead. And she added coconut oil, not olive and ginger in the end.

She sworn that after this wrap 3 hours before sleeping, the kid got much better! There was no cough, no congested nose and after 4 hours the problem was gone.

This mix of ginger and honey is known long time ago for this purpose and is much more popular lately.

Source: organichealthuniverse.com

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